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    PA Fast Sizer 100

    PA Fast Sizer 100 is a powerful, reliable and easy to use particle sizing device which delivers reliable and reproducible results in concentrated, turbid, colored or viscous dispersions. Invasive sample preparation procedures are not necessary. The device features non-invasive and non-destructive acoustic technology which is based on the viscous effect observed in dispersions. The resolution depends on the density difference between particles and solvent and on the volume concentration of the particles. The contributions of dust and other impurities can be neglected in most of the cases. Thus, field samples can be measured with ease.


    • Optimal technology for dispersion analysis in a compact and robust unit
    • User-friendly input and output interfaces ensure reproducible results and continuity
    • High resolution measurements in concentrated, colored and turbid dispersions in all solvents
    • Flow-through and batch modes ensure lab and plant applicability
    • Stirring ensures studies in unstable samples and prevents sedimentation
    • Field ESA, Rhometer and Titrator can be integrated and ensure automated process optimization through smart sensor technology


    • Highly efficient product development through work at production concentration
    • Improvement in recipe stability
    • On- and off-line quality analysis and quality control
    • Automated process control of reactors
    • Application field:
    ◊ Ceramics ◊ Pharmaceuticals
    ◊ Paint and inks ◊ Wet milling/grinding
    ◊ Coals slurries ◊ Control of homogenization
    ◊ Semiconductors ◊ Catalysts and Zeolites
    ◊ Pigments ◊ Polishing compounds
    ◊ Food colloids ◊ Nano-dispersions
    ◊ Clay minerals ◊ Carbon materials
    ◊ Bio-colloids ◊ Paper coatings


    Particle size and size distributions are determined by the PA Fast Sizer 100 on the basis of acoustic absorption spectral analysis. Any acoustic wave, travelling through a dispersion, generates an oscillating pressure gradient and exerts a force on the particles, forcing them to oscillate. Due to the particle's inertia they oscillate with lower velocity and thus lag behind the driving pressure gradient. The velocity difference between the wave front in the fluid and the particles, results in energy losses. The attenuated waves are detected by a high quality piezo-transducer which transforms the mechanical wave into an electric one. The device analyzes the loss of the acoustic waves at different frequencies. The state-of-the-art theory allows very fast, accurate and reliable evaluation of particle size and size distribution. PA Fast Sizer 100 features high-quality, perfectly optimized transducers, high-performance electronics and state of the art analytical model which leads to high quality results even when working with the most difficult of samples.

    • Acoustic attenuation spectroscopy (AcAS)
    • Non-invasive and non-destructive
    • Ab-initio method - no calibration
    • In-house developed software and theory
    • MS-Excel based results templates with implemented result plots

    Technical Parameters

    Measured Parameters Lower Limit Upper Limit
    Particle size range 10 nm 5 µm *
    Ultrasonic Attenuation 0.1 dB/cm 100 dB/cm
    Frequency Range 1 MHz 100 MHz
    Sample characteristic
    Volume 0.5 ml -
    Density difference 0.1 g/cm³ -
    Particle concentration 0.5 % v/v 50 % v/v*
    Solvent Aqueous and non-aqueous solvents
    Measurement Parameters
    Time per single measurement 2 min -

    * - Depends on the nature of the material and the density difference particle/solvent